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CAN logger, Calypso

The Calypso CAN logger provides high precision measurements capability for ordinary CAN instruments. Calypso uses National Instruments calibrated high precision cRIO modules (up to 24 bits) to monitor signals and output them on an ordinary CAN bus interface.

Using the cRIO platform we can deliver tailor made nodes with up to 7 modules.
This makes it possible for the test engineer to use familiar network analyzers, not only to study CAN traffic, but also to monitor physical signals such as currents, voltage levels, temperatures, vibrations etc.

Prevas' test-related products and solutions, see Test System Design/Center of Excellence.

The Challange

  • Enables time-synchronized measurements on both bus traffic and physical signals.
  • Small and robust unit with a user specified set of industrial data acquisitions units.
  • Streams real time measurements to any network analyzer, e.g. the popular CANalyzer.
  • Simple “plug & play" unit.
  • Delivered with .dbc file.

Application Areas

  • Vehicle integration
  • Network trouble shooting
  • Field test
  • GPS applications


  • High speed CAN link up to 1Mbit/s.
  • Up to 7 acquisition units may be used.
  • Built-in signal conditioning for direct connection to a variety of sensors.
  • Calibrated cRIO I/O
  • Less than 1 s from power-on to first CAN message
  • Features extreme industrial certifications and ratings.

More information

More informtion about CAN Logger, Information sheet CAN LoggerPDF.


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