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Prevas EquipMan

EquipMan, handling assets

Prevas EquipMan is a centralized tool for handling assets.

Key data in EquipMan are: owner information, location, transfers, cost centre, product information. The system can integrate with external management systems using standardized interface.  

5 reasons to use EquipMan from Prevas:

  • Global scope - the whole enterprise can use the same system
  • Supports PDA - increases throughput and ergonomy, reduces input errors
  • Extensive search capabilities - quickly find any asset
  • Possible to move, lend, transfer and discard assets
  • Thin clients - reduces administration

For more information about Prevas EquipMan, contact us.

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Med spetskompetens inom teknisk produktutveckling, inbyggda system och industriell IT & automation bidrar Prevas med innovativa lösningar och tjänster som skapar tillväxt.



ISO 9001:2015

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